Monday, December 17, 2012

I Read Legends of the Dark Knight #1 and #2

I haven't read a Batman single issue since the one where maybe he has a brother. That was dumb, so I gave up on Batman for a while. I saw that the once digital only series Legends of the Dark Knight came to print and felt compelled to pick up the first two issues.

     On Comixology Legends of the Dark Knight is $.99 which is cool, I guess. It's cool if you like plucking the money from always poor comic shops. Off to read your e-reader at the estate, hmm? I heard there's a truck delivering comics to the local orphanage. You might be able to head them off at the pass and have all those comics for yourself, you dastardly devil, you.
     Oh, wait. DC is charging $3.99 for their print copies. I take it all back. You'd be a fool NOT to take advantage of the great savings the digital market offers you. I'd say DC is shooting comic themselves in the foot with this one, although they've shot themselves in the foot over so many other things that they needed to shoot comics retail's feet instead.

     So, anyways...I read the first two issues of LODK and they were pretty great. Issue #1 was a three story anthology all taken from pre-new 52 continuity, which is an absolute relief. The first two stories follow the theme of Batman's weaknesses and whether or not he has them, and the third is about if Batman and Robin (Tim Drake t-shirt era) took more preventative measures to crime fighting, which I feel is a really interesting idea.
     This issue features the talents of Damon Lindelof, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Larsen, J.G. Jones, Tom Taylor, and Nicola Scott.
     I can comfortably say that this is the first Batman comic I've really enjoyed in a long, long time. It seems to be following the 1 issue story arc format, which is becoming a lost art. Just about everything in the new 52 is so bogged down in continuity it seems difficult to write a decent story without accidentally breaking the rules. DC editorial seems to have such a strict schedule that there isn't any time to breathe and have a couple of stories in between SUPER IMPORTANT arcs.
     I'm a little wary that the stories themselves might not be the best stories ever, although I can confirm that they are really good. I think I'm just so delighted that I get to read the Batman that I like reading again, that the actual quality of the stories get overlooked by yours truly.

     Issue #2 is a mystery about why all these amature batmen are ending up dead, outside of the obvious reason that they are amature batmen. It features the writing of B. Clay Moore and the art of Ben Templesmith, which I think people still give a shit about, but I'm not sure.
     The writing in the issue holds up throughout, and does the one issue format justice keeping the series strong through issue #2.

If you like comic shops you should buy your copies at a comic shop.
I bought my copies at Escapist Comics in Berkeley, CA.

I have to go read Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator now. Don't ask me why.

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